The Challenges of Space

While on a recent video shoot with our partner Bowery Bay Creatives in Texas, we had the challenge of filming in a 400,000 SQ FT + distribution center. Static shots can be limiting, however if you have a drone and a good operator, suddenly the perspective changes and what was not possible suddenly become possible.


Interviews are still being conducted with stationary cameras


A shot that would have involved a cherry picker and an operator plus loss of productivity for the company suddenly can be shot in minutes with a drone.  (Production still)


March 22, 2018

Finally received my copy of Loft Residences by Art Power. The book was published in 2015. Better late than never right...... The images featured were from a project by Richard H. Lewis Architect, I was the lucky enough to be the contributing photographer..... for a few pages. 

Loft Residences - English.jpg
Loft Residences — 122-124-1.jpg
Loft Residences — 122-124-2.jpg
Loft Residences — 122-124-3.jpg

Aquatalia pop-up Boston

Image from a recent shoot for the new Aquatalia pop-up shop located in the back of “The Frye Company” store in Boston. Should you find yourself in Boston, go buy a pair of shoes and check out two fantastic brands.